ABOUT Project8

Welcome to Project8 a small boutique design studio with BIG agency capabilities. We are located in Spain. Don’t let this scare you, the world is a small place. Even if you are living in Kamchatka, you are my next-door neighbor

We’re not about big egos or small thinking. We are a small team of big talent, specializing in all-in-one and a-la-carte design solutions for businesses like yours. So what makes us so great? We start by taking our cues from YOU. After all, you know your business better than anyone. By asking the right questions, and conducting a fair amount of research, we have the knowledge to make informed and inspired creative decisions that will positively impact your business for years to come. You will always get our best work because, simply put, we know no other way. We completely submerge ourselves in every new project, and only come up for air when we’ve explored the deepest depths of our creativity.
If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, or if you simply would like more information, feel free to get a quote. Its just the first step to an amazing finished product. We look forward to hearing from you.
But who are you?
Project8 is a full service graphic and web design studio , and it was started as an alternative to the big design firms that seem to care more about winning awards for themselves, rather than focusing on what they should be focusing on: the needs of their clients. At Project8, we’re smaller and that’s a good thing. It means are are able to adapt easily, work efficiently, and think creatively. We get to know our clients and what they need in order to take their business to the next level. So, what exactly do we do around here?

The short answer is: We’re here to make you look good.

(Here’s the long answer)

Our services fall into 3 main categories: web design, logos and branding, and print design. Within those categories, we do just about everything.
If you have a small to medium sized business, the last thing you want is an out of date or under-performing website. At Project8, we focus on designing and building websites that are easily update-able by our clients, so they can add new content whenever they need to. A lot of people think of web design as purely visual, but we actually start with functionality and user experience best practices, so that people will stick around your site longer, and are more likely to turn into actual customers. Once the function part is nailed down, we can concentrate on the form, giving your site an aesthetic that not only looks great today, but will be around for the long haul.
We also handle a lot of logo designs, as well as redesigns for clients who need an updated look. A logo needs to be striking, recognizable and appropriate to your business and customers. We do logos across all industries, and for companies of all sizes. Our logos run the gamut from corporate and polished to more quirky and fun. It really just depends on your business.
If you need anything designed for print, we do a lot of that as well. Packaging, posters, brochures, you name it. If it involves ink and paper, we’ve got it covered.
Because we’re a full service agency, we also offer professional copy-writing, search engine optimization services, and we can even give your web presence some extra personality with fully-produced web videos.
So, now that you’re here, feel free to check out some of our work, watch some of our success stories, and you can even request a price quote for your project using the button at the top of the page. In any case, we’re just glad you found us, and we sincerely hope that our next success story can be yours.

Thanks for diving into Project8.